Wednesday, July 23, 2008

APA PsycNET on Facebook

From APA PsycINFO via the EBSS list serv this morning:

The PsycINFO Department of the American Psychological Association ispleased to announce the launch of our official APA PsycNET Facebookpage. This new presence on the popular social networking site provides us an opportunity to connect with customers. We will provide information about upcoming enhancements and create a forum for Facebook members to ask questions or leave feedback. Visit APA PsycNET's Facebook page. - Alexa Minetola Robertson, MLIS Documentation/Training Specialist.

APA PsycNet's first wall post describes their presence on Facebook:

"Welcome to the new APA PsycNET page on Facebook! Check out our search tools, join in discussions, post and share your ideas and suggestions, and invite your friends. Keep updated on how to find all things in psychology, from Freud's classic books to the latest studies in mental health and well-being. Our goal is to keep you posted on the latest information about psychology and PsycNET. So, visit us often!"

Interested? Become an APA fan if you are a Facebook member (I was the 56th fan).

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