Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A New Kind of Book

Today, I discovered there is a new kind of book to borrow.
Actually a "human" book. Called the Living Library, it allows a person to "borrow" a human for a 30 minute chat. The borrowed person represents a certain aspect: gay, immigrant, goth, male nanny, librarian, etc. Read here for more about the concept.

A novel concept to be sure! I am sitting on a Visioning Task Force for OSU Libraries and my sub-committee is Collaboration. One of our members had read this and thought it interesting. Our committee as a whole thought it gave an unusual twist to providing information and reference service. Imagine being able to go to a university library and checking out a professor, a researcher, a scientists, an athlete or a scholar to talk with, as well as any of the ones mentioned above and lots of others not mentioned. What a way to provide a diversity experience in a unique way and information in a meaningful way!!

So, what book would YOU be???? I think I might be the harried mom or maybe the collaborator ......

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Diane Schrecker said...

I do not know what kind of book I would be, but that is a definitely interesting idea. I've printed out the article for future reference.