Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Article opportunity


College & Undergraduate Libraries presents

"Agility by Design: New Roles for Academic Libraries on Campus and Beyond"

College & Undergraduate Libraries, a peer-reviewed Taylor and Francis publication, invites proposals for articles to be published in a special issue focusing on emerging and perhaps unconventional roles of the academic library, both on campus and beyond. The growing intensity of users’ modern-day information needs coupled with an information technology landscape that is open and ever-changing, is facilitating administrative, organizational and programmatic changes within many academic libraries. In many cases, this is best illustrated by staff with new or unusual qualifications, backgrounds, or position descriptions; cutting edge services that are out of the mainstream; traditional services offered in innovative ways; new staffing configurations; new collaborations both on and off campus; and new roles on campus.

Would you describe your library as having any of these features? If so, then you may have an article to contribute to College & Undergraduate Libraries.

The special issue will be edited by Scottie Cochrane from Denison University ( and Valeda F. Dent of Rutgers University (

In their pieces, authors should focus solely on those aspects that might be defined as unconventional or nontraditional in any area of library operations, programs, services, or administration. Authors are invited to submit articles/proposals for pieces such as:

1. theoretical, philosophical, or ideological discussions of the transition from traditional library roles, services, practices and organizational structures, to the more nontraditional/unconventional
2. opinion or position papers
3. case studies
4. collaboration or relationships between librarians and other campus partners
5. collaboration or relationships between librarians and off-campus partners
6. research studies dealing with the impact of nontraditional/unconventional roles, services, practices or organizational structures
7. annotated reviews of the literature.

We welcome proposals from librarians and campus and off-campus collaborators, individually and as teams. The proposal should consist of an abstract of 500 words together will all author contact information. Articles should run at least 20 double-spaced pages in length.

For additional information, please contact either editor. Please submit proposals to Scottie Cochrane or Valeda Dent by August 18, 2008. Selected proposals will be announced September 5, 2008, and first drafts of accepted proposals will be due by December 5, 2008.

Scottie Cochrane Valeda F. Dent

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