Friday, October 17, 2008

History Comes Alive When a Teacher Cares

I recently attended a program, Successful Teaching, by Richard A. Jones II, a retired history teacher from my own high school, River Valley High School. This program was offered by our local chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. Rick was very entertaining to listen to and his enthusiasm and passion for teaching history was evident. He took us through how he taught an interactive history class and shared some of his philosophies. One in particular stood out for me, as I could see how this easily translated to our own profession. He called it the CPR's of Success:

Commitment (for your profession and to doing the best you possibly can)
Passion (for your profession and to never stop preparing and learning all you can)
Respect (I respect you, your ideas, your suggestions, and know that I am here for you)

He added Love as the fourth element because without that, the others cannot succeed.

I see that this is so true for our library profession and how it can help us to be good administrators, directors, managers, librarians, etc.

When we constantly badmouth or downplay our colleagues and not support or offer ways for them to grow in the organization or profession, we are not ensuring a future workforce that is committed, passionate or even respectful. Have you done CPR today?

Rick has written two books and a third is in the works. He shares his teaching philosphies in the book Educational Pyramid of Success, published by PublishAmerica. His other book is Veterans' Voices: Central Ohio's Greatest Generation Speaks, Volume One: World War II.

A third book, dealing with Marion County (Ohio) veterans is underway. I admire the fact that Rick is still so involved in education and so passionate about history and teaching it after all these years. There is something to say for having the right attitude. Thanks, Rick, for sharing.

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