Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring is in the Air

During the past few years of my life as a librarian spring has brought with it a feeling of excitement and anticipation. While working in the public library it was time to gear up for our biggest feat of the year, (drum roll) Summer Reading! I often felt like I was in a timed race to get everything done. It all began with school visits which meant, visiting thousands of wound up kids each day and giving the same speech, doing the same book talks and playing the same trivia over and over while making it sound new and exciting each time. Half of the time I had a hard time remembering what school I had just been at! Then came the barrage of kids pouring in to sign up for Summer Reading fun. They would personally seek me out, smile at me and say, "Hey remember me? You came and talked to my class." My response, "Of course! I'm so glad you came in!" Whew! And that was only the beginning.
Now working in an academic library, the arrival of spring has once again brought that same feeling of excitement and anticipation. Though there does seem to be a sense of urgency when a student appears at the reference desk with that desperate look in their eye and says "Can you help me? My paper is due tomorrow." Tomorrow!!
It has hit me like a tone of bricks this spring that something is different, that my busy seasons have changed and I am wondering...what will happen after graduation?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Call for Submissions: JILLDDER

Call for papers/articles: JILLDDER

The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserves (JILLDDER) is seeking article submissions for several themed issues. An upcoming issue will feature small and medium size academic Library’s highlighting the challenges faced as these institutions manage their systems, provide services of electronic reserves and interlibrary loan to their academic community, and handle daily operations with minimal staff.

Suggested topics to consider:

Electronic Reserves and/or Electronic Resource Management Systems
  • Does your library already utilize an electronic reserve system?
  • What specific challenges do you face?
  • What type of reserves system does you library use? Pros? Cons?
  • Does your library have a dedicated reserves person, or is it handled via committee?
  • How does your library handle reluctant users?

Interlibrary loan: Multitasking and managing ILL systems without dedicated staff

  • Are you using electronic, paper, or a combination of both to fulfill ILL requests? How does the system work within the confines of your department?
  • How does your library handle ILL? Is there a dedicated ILL position?
  • How has your ILL position changed within the last five years?
  • What issues do you face that a larger library takes for granted? Staff, time, quantity of reserves?
  • Have you seen the development of any particular trends in ILL over the last few years?

Incorporating Electronic Reserves into Course Management

  • Is your Electronic reserves system incorporated into course management software such as Angel or WebCT?
  • Does you library reserves system have a place in the campus system?
  • How has the influx of 2.0 technologies changed your library’s presence in your university’s course management system?

Other: Additional topic suggestions pertaining to this special issue are welcome.

Articles should be from eight (8) to thirty (30) pages in length, double-spaced, and follow Haworth Press’s author guidelines. All articles are submitted to JILLDDER are subject to peer review. At this time, a final submission deadline is slated for July 2008.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions,

Diane Schrecker
JILLDDER Editorial Intern

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Monday, April 28, 2008

CMCIG workshop reminder

It's that time of the semester, reminders are abundant. I have spent time today reminding students their work is due on Friday, reminding library patrons of extended library hours, and checking my "to-do" list for personal reminders, such as registering for the CMCIG workshop. The registration deadline is next Friday, May 9th, for the 20th Annual CMCIG spring workshop.

I registered online this morning. Actually, I mistakenly registered twice and had to email Ann directly about the mistake (sorry Ann). As they say, my check is in the mail. Even if you are not specifically involved with curriculum materials centers, you will find much to interest you at this workshop.


Virtual Education Collections:
Issues & Best Practices

The 20th Annual Spring Workshop sponsored by ALAO's
Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group

Friday, May 23, 2008
8:30 am to 3:30 pm @ OhioNet
1500 W. Lane Avenue, Columbus, Ohio

Continental Breakfast Provided.
Lunch is on your own, a box lunch option is available

Join ALAO’s Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group as the experts share their virtual collection development knowledge and experiences.

  • Learn how to select and manage electronic resources
  • Learn about electronic resource options for education
  • Learn about OHIONET’s library support and services
  • Be prepared for the NET Generation!

Workshop cost? For ALAO/OCLIS members, cost is $30 with a box lunch and $25 without a box lunch. For more information, visit the Workshop Website.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tributes and lemonade

Last week a student approached me concerning the viability of donating a children's book to the library in honor of an instructor leaving the university. A great idea! We discussed options regarding juvenile book selection: fiction or non-fiction, picture book or early reader, a book by the instructor's favorite author, or a curriculum related title. I mentioned we, actually technical services, would put a bookplate inside the cover and offered to write a letter (on library letterhead) they could present to the instructor complete with the name of each student participating in the endeavor.

They were excited it was something we could do without hassle. I was thrilled they thought to ask me about donating a book, thus providing the library an opportunity to be part of their tribute.

The book they selected was Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand, by Liz Scott.
"Using rhymes and bright whimsical pictures Alex and The Amazing Lemonade Stand tells the inspirational true story of a little girl named Alexandra Alex Scott. Faced with a problem, Alex came up with a plan--to sell lemonade from a lemonade stand! This story shows how the small act of one person can impact many people an important lesson for children of all ages." - Book Jacket
I asked (read browbeat, harassed, and generally annoyed) the cataloging librarian and technical services assistant to push this title through processing; though in all honesty, when they learned the significance of the book were pleased accommodate the request. Yesterday afternoon a student picked up the letter, also signed by the library director to give it a bit more cachet, and was able to check out the book and take it to class. Sworn to secrecy, I am able to post about about this now because the book presentation, and surprise party, was scheduled for 8 am this morning.

The best part? When we were discussing the letter I would write to accompany the book, these students relayed to me just how much this instructor meant to them on a more personal level. Each said she was more than their teacher, she was their friend. That is how you make a difference in the lives of students. Best wishes Mrs. Eibel, you will be missed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Attention Logo Designers!

A new contest is afoot to create an information literacy logo.
"On behalf of UNESCO, IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) and its Information Literacy Section (InfoLit), we invite everyone to propose an international Logo to identify information literacy work. The aim of creating this Logo is to make communication easier between those who carry out information literacy projects, their communities, and society in general. The Logo will be available free of charge and promoted as an international symbol of information literacy. The term “information literacy” is defined as:
“To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information. The information literate individuals are those who have learned how to learn” (ALA, 1998).
IFLA and UNESCO invite all institutions and organizations from different countries to participate in the Logo contest design. If you represent an association or an organization and would like to endorse, support or promote this initiative in your country, please, send an email to the project coordinator."

- from the home page of InfoLit Global contest page-

A $3000 prize goes to the designer of winning design. I know we have many talented graphic designers, and other folks who are deep into information literacy. Here's you chance to show off!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hard to Say Goodbye

In our profession, colleagues come and go on a regular basis - through new jobs, relocation of family members, retirement, death, etc. New librarians come and stay for awhile and then move on for better positions, new challenges, better pay - a whole host of reasons. I am fortunate to have worked in the same place for the past 20 years and was able to move up the ladder to become director. That is certainly not easy to accomplish at many libraries. In my time, I have gotten to work with lots of wonderful colleagues across Ohio and am fortunate to call many of them my friends, including my own staff. I have learned numerous things from them and have been able to grow into a better librarian and person because of that.

That's why it is so hard to say goodbye to one when he/she leaves. I have become attached on several levels, professionally, collaboratively, socially, and emotionally. I never want them to leave my circle. But leave they do - I am always happy when they move to a new job with more advancement opportunities or new challenges. I know that they are up for the challenge because I have worked with them on a committee or intereacted with them professionally and I know what they are capable of. Plus, I am a darn good reference and most of the time, they get their job!

Nevertheless, it is the nature of our profession to want to grow and develop and serve our patrons in different ways. Sometimes that means having to move on to do so. I have seen many Ohio librarians move from our state; and our loss is certainly someone else's gain. Ohio has many fine library folks both as librarians and staff. All are important to the work of the library and I hate to see them leave us for any reason.

I wish those who move on well; Kevin, I will miss you at Denison and I am sure that Tulane is very happy to be getting the benefit of your Ohio experiences!! Take care and represent us well! Don, have fun working for NASA! Remember all the good things we taught you at OSU!!! Doris, enjoy your retirement, you certainly deserve it!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Copyright Wars

I just read about the lawsuit filed by four publishers against Georgia State University regarding violation of copyright with electronic materials. It appears to becoming more prominent in regards to universities, libraries and electronic access. Ohio State University Libraries has been taking great pains to follow appropriate steps to ensure only authorized access to any materials placed on reserve. The materials are now placed within our course management system and is clearly labelled as to when the access will end. Copyright permissions are sought before material is placed on reserve. I find that faculty and other administrators still may not understand the ramifications of placing links of course syllabi or just posting them and thus creating a potential problem. I am trying to educate my faculty as to why it is important that the library place materials on reserve for them or that they be sure to get copyright permission for anything they may copy or put on reserve in general. See a copy of the complaint and a press release of support at the Association of American University Presses website. See story in upper left corner of page and links to press release and complaint filed. It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit progresses.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

National Library Week

Straight from my email inbox this morning, the April 16th edition of American Library Direct complete with the following video. National Library Week: College Reference Desk "shot at Morton College Library in Cicero, Illinois, and starring Shad Kunkle."

"I need to get some information on the health effects of eating romin noodles for seventeen days."

"Do you know how much jail time a guy would have to do if he beat up a mascot?"

The best part? I'll go out on a limb here and venture a guess that he did not have to make up the questions.

Happy National Library Week!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I-Buddy? What fun

Perusing our latest issue, April 2008, of School Library Journal (v 54 no. 4) for children's book reviews I found I-Buddy in The Buzz: Tools, trends, and gizmos. All you need is Windows Live Messenger, a USB port, plus $24.95 for I-Buddy, and you can add a bit of color to your IMing.

Introducing i-Buddy

"i-Buddy is specially designed for Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) users. It is a physical representation of your buddy. You can program it to recognize a particular buddy account, and it will response to all messages and status events sent from your buddy."

"It is a 3-inches tall figurine connected to the computer using a USB cable. Specially designed in tiny size, so that it does not consume much space while you are at work. It is perfect to put on top of your monitor too." (
i-Buddy Official Web Site)

I have to admit my first thought was; how cool is that? It was followed closely by; we need one of those at the reference desk! Why? We have recently begun using Meebo for IM/Chat services and a persistent complaint revolves around needing sound for message notification. A little over the top, definitely, but this guy would be a visual representation of an IM arriving, especially since I-Buddy will reflect different emoticons attached to a message (check out What can it do).

Alas, I-Buddy works only with Windows Live Messenger and is currently out of stock, accepting only advanced orders. It is probably for the best; somehow he may not be ready for the reference desk.

Image copyright

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Library Cloud News

Welcome to the newest Library Cloud contributor, Sara Klink. Sara is a reference and instruction librarian at Ashland University Library and provides library bibliographic instruction, is the department liaison to Biology, Toxicology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and conducts library sessions for students enrolled in Introduction to University Life (IUL).

Though new to AU library and the academic library ranks, Sara has professional public library experience as the Teen Librarian at Stark County District Library in Canton, OH, where she was also the school liaison for grades 6 - 12 and provided library reference services.

I have already had the opportunity to work with Sara on several key library projects including our new IM/Chat service Ask Us! and the new library web site design committee. I admit to twisting her arm a bit to join Library Cloud as a contributor, but know she will provide an interesting and fresh voice to the forum.

Welcome, Sara!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ALAO Research Grant Now Available

The ALAO Research & Publications Committee is now accepting
applications for its annual Research Grant.

ALAO seeks to promote research, and each year the ALAO Executive Board may award up to $500.00 to support and encourage research projects proposed by ALAO members.

Grants are intended to help in funding such incremental research costs as the organization of data, the hiring of interviewers or other assistants, charges for computer time, and modest travel costs associated with research. Grants may not be used for purchase of equipment. Grants are limited to investigations related to issues in libraries, librarianship, and information science and technology.

All items must be received or postmarked no later than May 18, 2008.
All applicants will be notified by phone or e-mail when complete applications are on file.

To apply and for additional information, please see the form at

or contact Brian Hickam, Chair of the Research & Publications Committee:; (419) 530-4493

TEDSIG Spring Workshop

TEDSIG Spring Meeting
Technical, Electronic, & Digital Services Interest Group
May 2, 2008 - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
OhioNet - 1500 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43221

Tools and Techniques for setting them up
and filling them up

What's an IR? Basics and rationale for building an institutional repository
Timothy Robson, Deputy Director
Kelvin Smith Library
Case Western Reserve University

Timothy Robson holds the MSLS and MA in Music History from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He began his career as Music Cataloger at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and then returned to CWRU as Head of Kulas Music Library. He subsequently served as Head of Cataloging and Assistant Director for Technical Services before becoming Deputy Director of Kelvin Smith Library in 1999. He has served as national chair of the Music OCLC Users Group, chair of the Music Library Association Subcommittee on Subject Access, chair of the Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians, among other professional activities. At Kelvin Smith Library, his portfolio currently includes supervision of the Technical Services areas (Bibliographic/Metadata Services, Preservation, Acquisitions, Serials) and technology, including Digital Case, the digital library, archive and institutional repository for Case Western Reserve, which "went live" in fall 2006 after two years of experimentation and planning. In a parallel life, Tim Robson also maintains an active career as a musician, serving as Director of Music at Euclid Avenue Congregational Church UCC in Cleveland, where he is organist and choir director. For four seasons he was the Music Director of the North Coast Men's Chorus.

Acquiring content for your IR: faculty and community involvement
Thomas Hayes
Head of Digital Library Programs
Case Western Reserve University

Tom Hayes holds an MLS from Kent State University in Kent, OH, and a BA in Creative Writing from Ohio University in Athens, OH. Tom began his library career as the webmaster, manager of video teleconferencing, and director of the Samuel J. Horwitz, MD, Pediatric Learning Center in the Department of Pediatrics at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital from 1999-2003. He served as president of the Medical Library Association of Northeast Ohio (MLANO) from 2001-2002. In 2003, he joined the staff of the Kelvin Smith Library as the Reference Technology Librarian. In 2005, Tom became the Managing Librarian of the Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman Digital Library, Language Learning, and Multimedia Services Center at KSL. In late 2007, Tom was appointed Head of Digital Library Programs. He is a member of the Digital Resources Management Committee at OhioLINK. In his spare time, Tom is pursuing an MFA as a playwright from the Northeast Ohio Masters of Fine Arts (NEOMFA) program, through Cleveland State University; and his play, Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber, will receive a five-week run at convergence-continuum in Tremont starting November 20th, 2008.

Implementing your IR: basic metadata issues
Maureen Walsh
Metadata Librarian
The Ohio State University

Maureen is a Metadata Librarian and Assistant Professor for the Scholarly Resources Integration Department of The Ohio State University Libraries where she works with the Knowledge Bank (The Ohio State University's Institutional Repository), currently the second largest DSpace repository in the Unites States. Prior to joining Ohio State Maureen was with the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Libraries for nine years. Maureen has also worked for the Northern Kentucky University Library, The Dayton Art Institute, and the Cincinnati Art Museum. She has an M.L.I.S. from Kent State University and a B.A in Art History from the University of Cincinnati.

An IR open discussion
Timothy Robson, Thomas Hayes, and Maureen Walsh

Questions? Contact Deberah England
Email: deberah.england at

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

SSIG Spring Workshop

Another great workshop opportunity from ALAO, the Support Staff Interest Group presents their spring workshop at Heidelberg College.
Polishing Your Library Gems: Support Staff
ALAO-SSIG 2008 Spring Workshop
May 16, 2008, Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m

Heidelberg College
Gillmor Science Center
310 E. Market Street, Tiffin, Ohio 44883
Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Registration 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Keynote Address
How to Make Yourself Sparkle: Having a Positive Attitude at Work

Session 1
Flying Flyers – Creating quick and easy flyers for library events.
Getting Published – informing participants in ways to get published.
Library Tour and/or Networking – Tour Beeghly Library or Network with colleagues.

Session 2
Introductory Excel – Getting started in Excel basics.
Chair Yoga – Chair yoga techniques for relaxation.

Session 3
Intermediate Excel – Instructing participants in intermediate level Excel techniques.
Historical Snapshot – A Civil War prisoner talks about his experience at Johnson’s Island.

Registrations due May 2, 2008
No Refunds after April 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary, OhioLINK!

I received the latest copy of OhioLINK's Snapshot, their annual report. In it, there are many interesting items about what OhioLINK has accomplished in the last 15 years. It has provided and continues to provide:
  • an affordable approach to expanded information access
  • quality teaching and learning research resources
  • assisting students and faculty in finding and accessing scholarly information 24/7
  • enabling world-class research with rich information resources
  • helping scholarly communities share and discover research materials
  • increasing information access with anytime, anywhere delivery
  • anytime, anywhere access
  • KEEPING IT AFFORDABLE for libraries and insitutions in the State of Ohio

The future plans have all the member libraries looking at ways to reinvent OhioLINK, to provide for a fresh new vision for the coming years, especially in light of Gov. Strickland's University System of Ohio and his 10-year Higher Education strategic plan.

Ohio should be proud of OhioLINK and what it has given to Ohio colleges and universities over the last 15 years. Changes and evolution was certainly a given as new resources, new technologies and new services were developed. I know Ohio librarians are proud to say that they are a part of the OhioLINK consortium and when it is mentioned, respect from other librarians is evident. OhioLINK is a model of collaboration and cooperation among library systems and even within our State government and Board of Regents

I know that our students and faculty receive a much higher caliber of resources and access than was possible when I was an undergraduate in 80's. I only wish OhioLINK had been around then. I would have had fun searching the on-line catalog, much like I did the stacks.

I wish you OhioLINK, a very Happy 15th Anniversary and I look forward to the next 15 years, to see what we can develop and implement together!

ALAO Conference Proposal Extension

If you have been dithering about sending in a conference proposal, either for a presentation or poster session, the deadline has been extended.

"Yes, you still have time!! The Committee decided to extend the time period for submitting your presentation or poster proposal for the 34th ALAO annual conference until Friday, April 18. Information on the conference theme "Connecting the Campus: Linking Users, Institutions, and Information" and examples of possible topics for presentations and posters are available (on the site). The proposal form is available at"

"Don't miss this excellent opportunity to share experiences and ideas with colleagues from around the state and beyond!" - 4/7/08, Email, John D. Crissinger

Helpful links for the 34th Annual ALAO Conference, Connecting the Campus: Linking Users, Institutions, and Information, include:

Get involved with ALAO!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Quick Sidebar change

It is nothing short of amazing the amount of spam email one little library blog attracts. Exhausted by offers for pharmaceuticals, lottery tickets, watches, and charming friendships, the Library Cloud email address posted in the sidebar is no longer an active link.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Something to think about ...

From Tame the Web via Flickr, ML Experience, and lastly Biocultural Science and Management (*please see comment from mpb; by "lastly" I meant it was the original source but failed to make that clear - apologies).

This seems to be rather widespread on the web. On Flickr, to which I now have an account because it is a Yahoo product and I used Yahoo IM for research while working with our library's Meebo project, a quick search of "50 reasons" revealed (among other things) four people on the first page who have uploaded this image. Regardless, it is an interesting compilation of reasons most of us have used (be honest), thought (on the inside), or heard (with frustration) in some form or fashion personally or professionally.

Should these be reasons ... or excuses?

Updated: 4-4-08

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