Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ACRL Conference: Poster Session

Poster sessions, what a rush at ACRL! I thought I knew what to expect. I was prepared for the session. Prior to the conference a few panic laden printing glitches were overcome, our poster was finished on time and accompanying business cards (200 of them) with online materials were ready. The day of our presentation I scouted out our poster's location in the pavilion, they had moved poster tables between Friday and Saturday, and I was ready to talk about our LibGuides. In retrospect, I failed to take into account two things; (1) poster sessions at ACRL are the scheduled sessions for that time period and (2) the vast interest in LibGuides at this conference.

Sara, Kathryn, and I spent an invigorating fast-paced hour talking to excited and inquiring librarians about LibGuides. Questions covered an array of topics ranging from ease of use to integration capability with content management systems; there were even questions regarding how we made our poster! Thank you to everyone who stopped to talk, I enjoyed the conversations and idea-sharing.

Feel free to visit our LibGuide about our use of LibGuides created to support this ACRL poster, a previous presentation at the Learning, Libraries, and Technology Conference, and to highlight how Ashland University Library is utilizing LibGuides.

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