Thursday, April 09, 2009

Movie Night at the Library

Did you ever offer a movie night at your library? I did, last night. I am helping with a local community reads initiative, Marion Reads and our book is To Kill a Mockingbird. This is a great choice; it has lots written about it, it is studied in high school English classes, there's a movie version and even a stage production. We are lucky to offer all three to our community. I showed the movie at my library and so did the public library.

Our local theater, the historic Marion Palace Theatre, is showing the stage production on April 23; several book discussions and programs are going on this month. Our mayor has just proclaimed April "Marion Reads Month" in our community.

I had only a few folks show, but I had never watched it and it was great. But read the book before you watch the movie; you'll notice some differences.

I'm excited. We have limited funding, but through the generosity of our Marion Community Foundation, Marion Public Library, The Palace and Ohio State Marion, we have been able to offer free tickets to students at area high schools and senior centers. The public library purchased 250 copies of the book for the community to borrow; my library is hosting a website and created the calendar of events, sponsored some programming and are giving some tickets aways at our events.

We've been doing activities since early February, but most of them will take place this month. I get to talk on the local radio station, WMRN, on April 14 about 8:15 a.m. Wish me luck.

If you are near Marion on April 23, order some tickets from the Palace Theatre and join us for a great viewing of a timeless classic.

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