Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Teaching and playing to learn

Over the last few days I have been collaborating with Dr. Deanna Romano, Ashland University Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Dwight Schar College of Education, on a presentation scheduled for next Friday, the 2009 CMCIG workshop. Our presentation, a work in progress titled Realigning Teacher Education Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Meet 21st Century Skills, will focus extensively on technologies currently being taught in EDCI 232/505 Introduction to the Principles of Instructional Technology.

I have had opportunity teach this course as an adjunct for the COE and appreciate each week brings a different technology to the forefront that may be used in the classroom. I get to refresh and polish my technology skills and theorize the same for the Instructional Resource Center. Concepts we are practicing, and in some cases introducing, to pre-service teachers may often be applied to libraries; students of all ages expect us to be if not proficient, at least have a rudimentary knowledge, of 2.0 technologies they are using at a blazing speed.

And, to be honest, it gives me the chance to play to learn. My tools of choice this week were Windows Movie Maker and YouTube. I spent time working with my new toy, a shiny new HP laptop, pulling together free, accessible resources to create a short library video. With the exception of wanting to "tweak" the sound at the beginning of the presentation, it is difficult to hear, I am pleased with the end result.

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