Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Bloglines Account: HotStuff 2.0

I like to look at statistics, either inherent to the technology or placed there on purpose, available with various 2.0 technologies. I use LibGuides statistics to see which of my guides are most popular, when guides are being accessed (in conjunction with instruction or during midterms & finals), if they are used more during the fall, spring, or summer term (it varies), what links garner the most interest, and if guides used for presentations are used after sessions are complete. My YouTube channel lets me see the number of times each uploaded video has been viewed and an approximate last viewing date; since I know where they are embedded, I also have basic knowledge of the audience. So yes, it follows that I look at statistics for my blogs as well.

This blog has a StatCounter code embedded for simple web hits and analysis and I set up a FeedBurner account (before and after they became part of Google) for comparison of the same. But one of the more interesting - read fun - statistics for this blog is something I came upon quite by accident that is now a part of my Bloglines account; HotStuff 2.0.
HotStuff 2.0″ is an automatically updated blog developed by Dave Pattern (Library Systems Manager, University of Huddersfield, UK).

A daily blog post is generated using a single word that has seen a marked increase in usage over the last few days. A “Word Wheel” image shows the strength of the links between that word and other words that have also recently seen an increase in usage. This can sometimes help to put to the words into context, but mostly it’s just an excuse for some eye candy! -- About HotStuff
Library Cloud is one of the 800 library blogs included and some days we are hot, we hit top ten several times, and others we are definitely not, today we are #409. February 11th the word of the day was "etech" and several conference posts were featured. Each blog has its own page with a word cloud generated by blog content, recent blog posts, blogs with similar content, an emotional analysis, and a Google map plotting places mentioned within posts. These blogs are recommended as having like content:
A quick look shows some of them do have like content and others ... not so much. I was interested in Holly Hibner's post on a seminar she attended and that the Flemish Librarian blog is done in her native language (I'll need to translate). The similar content lists vary appear to change with content of each blogs post, so it is always fun to peruse other librarian blogs. As often as I have posted about weeding my Bloglines account, this is one of the ways I add to my blog collection. Now I have to go check the blocking cookie on StatCounter so this post is not counted in the blog statistics!

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