Saturday, February 13, 2010

Listening to students

Wired Campus, The Chronicle of Higher Education, has great post and accompanying video featuring the use of technology in the classroom created by group of students at the University of Denver.
"The video was inspired by a recent survey of classroom technology use at the university. Over all, the survey found that while many students wish for more technology, others would be happy with less, considering it a distraction. And while some professors are Luddites, others have eagerly jumped on board and wish their students would catch up." - Class Produces Parody, 2/9/10
After the eTech conference earlier this month, I have a plethora of new resources and technology ideas for both classroom and library. But using technology simply for the sake of using technology is not right for anyone. There needs to be reason, focus, and purpose; finding that technology balance is an ongoing process.

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