Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CIL 2010: Prezi Introduction

I put finishing touches, at least for now, on my CIL presentation this morning; I'm satisfied with the content and as mentioned in a previous post, using LibGuides for my session is a slam-dunk. Once I opened the door and began thinking about Prezi as an option for an introduction, the more convinced I became that a quick and engaging introduction would be valuable.

The free Prezi account was calling my name.

Using the text from my abstract, I started crafting a more visual introduction. I watched the short video tutorial, several times, and began by choosing a canvas. The easiest part was clip art and screen shots, the most difficult determining a feasible layout plan for the canvass. A significant amount of trial and error time later, I was ready to finesse the frames and set up the product.

After setting up the show and viewing, I learned using the zebra to move frame placement (they turn 360 degrees as well as increase and decrease in size) also moves the text attached to the frame. I went back to the Prezi Academy Learn Center and reviewed. Third time was indeed a charm and my finished product was ready to embed.

The embed instructions were clear, but the process seriously flawed. I embedded it here and was only able to view a link to the project on the Prezi server (sorry if you noticed disappearing posts earlier). I embedded it as script and as a video in LibGuides to no avail. I went back to the Prezi support pages and searched. As a last resort, I searched the community forum and found a year old post detailing a single line of adaptable code to embed my Prezi. The link works!

Next, I'll test it in LibGuides with fingers-crossed.

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