Monday, April 12, 2010

CIL2010: LibGuides, Do they help?

LibGuides: Do they Help?
Kristina DeVoe, English & Communications Librarian, Temple University
Derik Badman, Springshare, Inc.

Background: Temple University has been using LibGuides since 2007, they were the second library to sign up for the service. The course included in DeVoe and Badman's study had a research component in place; students were required to create an annotated bibliography. One group of students were shown how to access and use a LibGuide created for their assignment and embedded in the course management system. A second group received the same instruction sans mention of the LibGuide. Both groups had like access to the library web page and it's resources. Instruction focused upon two specific ACRL information literacy standards.
Data collection: Bibliographies were submitted via blackboard (course management). It was an actual second submission beyond the course assignment requirement. The rubric created detailed seven criteria with a four point achievement level (28 points in total available); it was integrated in Blackboard. Each submitted bibliography was graded by two librarians (blind review). Average score for those not given the LibGuide was slightly higher than the others. Evaluating credibility of the author was lowest score.

Face to face meetings with the librarian was ranked as one of the most important factors for completing their assignment. Access to the guide of a librarian garnered virtually the same response. One-third said the reference desk was key, but another third did not want to the library at all.

What they learned:
  • Terminology is key; consistency and naming play a roll (research guide, subject guide, resource guide).
  • Face to face still matters.
  • Students value relevant but can not articulate it.
They are moving forward with this assignment and will be tweaking and focusing the study and assignment for next term. PowerPoint slides will be available on CIL's speaker presentation site.

Note: This presentation was part of the LibGuides: Web Tools to Enhance Information Fluency?

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