Monday, April 12, 2010

CIL2010: LibGuides: Web Tools to Enhance Information Fluency

Thank you to everyone who attended our session this afternoon! It was exciting to share how Ashland University Library is utilizing LibGuides in non-tradional ways for course instruction, support, collaborative projects, and presentations.

I enjoyed talking to one-on-one with those who had questions after the official question period concluded, especially considering we were keeping you from the open reception in the exhibit hall. I met two Clarion University alumni, a doctoral student who worked in AU library a few summers ago, as cataloging librarian who is struggling with ways to present guides more efficiently, and librarians who are excited with the potential LibGuides offer.

I discussed with one librarian the resource guide library recently created. This unpublished guide contains resources we frequently use on LibGuides; main page resources (library blog feed, chat widget, and library welcome), a widget collection (chat boxes, catalog search, A to Z), a test box to sample items being considered for new guides (embedding the Prezi), and one we are looking forward to using soon, a project for our home page - the Guide List box. Unfortunately, discussions after the session exceeded the free wi-fi access in break-out rooms and I was unable to illustrate the box type. Below is the information I wanted to highlight:

Add a new box + Links to Guides List

The Guide List box allows you to display a list of links to guides, subjects or profiles from your LibGuides system.

The guide selection can be made on dynamic criteria such as a tag assigned to the guide, a subject affiliation, etc. As new guides are published that match your criteria, the box will automatically update to include those new guides automatically.

You also have the option to manually select your list of guides, allowing you full control over which guides and links are included in the box.

Thanks again for your participation. Feel free to contact me with any residualquestions or to chat about LibGuides.

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