Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Library Blog Awards

Irony is a funny thing (ha-ha), it can be glaringly obvious or quietly humorous. For example, this afternoon I was instructing a student regarding correct use of the IRC's desktop laminator. During our brief discussion, I was careful to highlight the importance of placing the project and film inside the carrier pouch before running it through the machine. Though the carrier pouch is a safety net, it is not required for successful usage, once or twice a term the laminating film gets stuck in the machine resulting in an accordion-like end result for the project. It's not pretty. I can personally vouch that statement as after the student left I laminated my own project sans carrier and it is now in the trash bearing a striking resemblance to a paper-fan folded by a first grader.

Earlier today I published a post with an embedded Muppet Studio video. More for fun than academic library oriented, it was my cheerful tone for April 1st. After posting I continued wading through accumulated email and found a message titled "The Library Blog Awards."

Congratulations. Your blog has been nominated for a Library Blog Award by readers of it. You should be thrilled so many think so much of what you have to say. You are among a number of nominees that our judges will consider. Best of luck to you. We hope that our awards will publicize the most interesting, entertaining and provocative library blogs out there. -- Peter Tobey, Salem Press

Sincere thanks to the reader(s) who took time to nominate Library Cloud for this award. I spread the good news via email to my fellow blog contributors via email a short time ago. With the spring library conference and workshop season in full swing, I am sure we will have much to contribute to the blogosphere in the coming days.

For instance, my new HP netbook arrived today and I will be taking it on a test run when I present and attend Computers in Libraries 2010 ... but that is another blog post and topic for another day.

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