Saturday, May 22, 2010

CMCIG 2010: Show & Tell Roundtable

Informal and fun, the show & tell session was a definite workshop highlight; each attendee was asked to bring three favorite or new things for sharing. With our technical services area full of wonderful new toys and resources, it was tempting to search and select something not yet cataloged. Good sense prevailed and I selected two of the new picture books recently added to the juvenile collection; Palazzo Inverso and Chalk (both exceptionally well done, I have them set aside for the fall Mock Caldecott session).

CMC items were varied and included children's literature, regular collection, activity books, materials kits, and DVD. As we moved around the tables, notes were taken and the complete list shared at the end of the day. Links from this post go to Amazon for additional information.

Juvenile Literature

Activity Books

Library & Literature

Education Topics


Materials Kit Resource Links

DVD Resources

It's a great list!

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