Sunday, May 09, 2010

VHS Domino Train

A film by:
Benjamin Wheal, Symon Williamson, Carly Reimann and friends

"To celebrate the demise of the video collection and the now unchallenged reign of the DVD, staff felt that the remaining videos must go out with a bang. One weekend staff came in on their own time to film the final stand of the video in a giant domino train throughout the library space as a fitting homage to their service. May the videos now rest in peace. Long live the VHS!" -- TTGLibrary's YouTube Channel

It's a bit lengthy, but worth the time as the VHS trail gets increasingly complicated towards the end (you can fast forward).I had three distinct thoughts once the video was over; how long did it take to set-up, how long did it take to clean up, and I need to post this video.

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