Friday, July 09, 2010

Millennials & Social Networks

A new Pew Internet Report discusses how millenials, or digital natives, will use social networks, technology, and issues such as privacy in the future.

Millennials will make online sharing in networks a lifelong habit

In a survey about the future impact of the Internet, a solid majority of technology experts and stakeholders said the Millennial generation will lead society into a new world of personal disclosure and information-sharing using new media. These experts said the communications patterns “digital natives” have already embraced through their use of social networking technology and other social technology tools will carry forward even as Millennials age, form families, and move up the economic ladder.

I found the respondents thoughts accompanying this report interesting; for instance the following quote from Stowe Boyd, "“Publicy will replace privacy. Privacy will appear quaint, like wearing gloves and veils in church.”

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