Monday, August 30, 2010

From The Chronicle: Brainstorm

This morning, from The Chronicle of Higher Education blog Brainstorm, an article from Gina Barreca.

"Hello class. Hello former students who are willing to go another round in this ring, and welcome to the new folks—the ones who have no idea what this course will be like.

Let me tell you who’ve never taken a class with me before a little about what to expect. And please understand that while I’m delighted that you're here, I will also understand if you decide that you can’t work within the boundaries I’ve set up.

The points I’m talking about today are non-negotiable. That’s why I mention them up front. On a number of other issues, I can be flexible. Concerning the following, however, you will find me intractable:"

You really need to read more @ On the First Day ...

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