Sunday, August 29, 2010

uFollow & My bloglines

After finding myself, so to speak, in uFollow, I explored the site a bit further to determine how many library blogs in my bloglines account were included in their site 'database'. It is possible to search by author or by blog name; often the blog has a listing of authors who contribute. I did notice not all blog contributors are automatically included as authors. For example, Library Cloud is included as a blog, but not all of our contributors have an author page. Users may choose to follow a blog source, a specific author, or both.

Here's a sample group of my blog findings:

A timeline, or post archive, allow followers to see articles (posts) by month. Of particular interest is their Librarianship Channel with close to 4000 articles; "This channel includes articles about libraries, librarians, and library related issues." It will be interesting to see what direction this venture takes.

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Paul said...

Hi Diane- I am happy to hear that you have been trying out uFollow, and if you have any questions or feedback about the site just let me know.

- Paul Peters (