Friday, September 17, 2010

my Google Reader

Once in a while on a Friday afternoon I succumb to the sirens lure of my bloglines account and share interesting posts. After a week of using Google Reader, complete with browser crashes while reading feeds, instances of "oops, an error occurred, please try again," already read items returning to new status, I miss bloglines. How much is user impatience? How much is Google Reader inconsistency? Time will tell. Meanwhile, here are a few posts from my reader:

  • Blog U: Are You Using RSS?
    "I'm an avid RSS (Really Simple Syndication) user. I admit it. I've been addicted to RSS for a very long time. My feed reader of choice since 2006 has been Bloglines. I have more than 360 subscriptions." - Eric Stoller, 9/17/10
  • HotStuff will be taking a short break
    "The HotStuff code relies very heavily on the Bloglines API and, with the annoucement that Bloglines will shut down on Oct 1st, this means HotStuff will be unable to fetch and process new blog posts." - Dave Pattern, 9/15/10

Enough self indulgence ...

  • Lessons from the Oatmeal (the website, not the food)
    "This isn’t a “get a million followers NOW NOW NOW!” type of video. It’s just a look at what’s worked for Matt, and what people want on the Web." - Digitizd, 9/15/10
  • Fearlessly Facing the Freshman Seminar
    "True confession: I’ve never taught freshmen in my life. So why am I, a provost, offering a class to 18-year olds? I asked myself this question earlier this summer as I enrolled as a participant in a faculty workshop." - Steven Allred, 9/16/10
  • Is Lecture Capture the New Lecture?
    "Much like learning management systems (LMS) a decade ago, or podcasting just a few years ago, lecture capture is an emerging/arriving technology: data from the 2009 Campus Computing Survey indicate that 3.5 percent of college courses make some use of lecture capture technology, up from 3.1 percent in 2008;" - Kenneth C. Green, 9/15/10
  • Drexel Freshman Get Help from Personal Librarians
    "With students spending more research time in front of the screen and less in the stacks, librarians at Drexel University are trying a fresh approach to helping new freshmen navigate their resources: 'personal librarians.'"- Travis Kaya, 9/14/10
  • The Rhythm of Online Teaching
    "Thought I'd try an experiment of sharing with you some of the best practices I'm trying to write up about the rhythm of online teaching, in the hopes that you will provide some ideas and feedback." - Joshua Kim, 9/14/10

A great Friday afternoon option? My shelving rods (hanging media) just arrived from Library Design Associates! I am going to build, replace old shelving with new,and Monday I will gleefully move the big book collection to their new home.

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