Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekly reader wrap-up

Compiling interesting posts from my reader is quickly becoming a Friday lunchtime habit. I promise to quit complaining about Google Reader, especially if it quits crashing in IE (guess it's a Google vs Microsoft thing). I'm learning default to Mozilla for Reader.
  • 30 Days of Back to School: Learning From and With Devices
    "It is pretty exciting to learn about what’s being piloted in schools and libraries across the country and learn how the use of these devices can improve and enhance teaching, learning, and library services for teens."
    - YALSA Blog, Linda Braun (9/23/10) *Note, YALSA site was down earlier this morning.
  • YouTube Instant Creater Accepts Job at YouTube
    "Stanford computer science student Feross Aboukhadijeh is celebrating two milestones this week, his YouTube Instant site hitting one million visitors in ten days as well as a new job, having accepted Chad Hurley’s job offer over Twitter shortly after his Google Instant-inspired service caught the attention of the YouTube founder.
    " - TechCrunch, Alexia Tsotsis (9/24/10)
  • Immersion ’11 Applications Now Available
    "ACRL is currently accepting applications for the Immersion ’11 Program Teacher and Program tracks to be held July 24-29, 2011, at Seattle University. The ACRL Immersion ’11 Program provides four-and-a-half days of intensive information literacy training and education for academic librarians."
    -- ACRL Insider, Margot Conahan (9/22/10) *Note, ACRL Insider was experiencing the same problem as the YALSA blog.
  • A Snapshot: What They Read and Why
    "The new school year started, for us, just ten days ago. I used the Library classes time to catch up with my 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students about their summer reads."
    -- ALSC Blog, Roxanne Feldman (9/22/10)

Anything interesting in the blogosphere catch your attention this week?

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