Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Reader

I've been using Diigo for the last six months; the transition from Delicious to Diigo was easy and at the time I needed my bookmarks available immediately.  Like the previous move to Google Reader, I hoped at some point I would be pleased with the results.  This week I had email messages from Delicious with information regarding their recent acquisition by the founders of YouTube and the opportunity to let them move my bookmarks to the new provider
"AVOS plans to continue the service that users have come to know and love and by working with the community, make the site even easier and more fun to save, share and discover the web's "tastiest" content" (Delicious FAQs).
I've given permission to move my bookmarks.  They've been gathering dust for four months, what could it hurt?  Here's this week's weekly reader round-up. Naturally, there's a link to information about Delicious included.

YouTube Founders Save Delicious, But is it too Late?
"After news leaked out that Yahoo! was shutting down Delicious (then announcing plans on selling the social bookmarking service), it looks like the former Internet titan has found a new lease on life under new leadership." -- Darnell Clayton, The Blog Herald, 4/27/11

The Real LMS Failure (Hint: We Should Look in the Mirror)
"We spend way too much energy thinking and worrying about LMS providers, features, companies and technologies. Blackboard or D2L or Moodle or Sakai or (now) Instructure? Open source or proprietary? This discussion board or that assessment engine? etc. etc. etc. The real LMS failure has nothing to do with any of these questions. Whether you are a Blackboard or Sakai school matters only marginally to our success in what truly matters about the LMS; how well we are utilizing the LMS to improve, support and facilitate authentic student learning." -- Joshua Kim, Blog U Technology & Learning, 4/28/11

ACRL National 2011: Conference Papers
An alphabetical listing of papers presented at ACRL National 2011 is now available in PDF. -- 4/26/11

Do You Over Explain? Five Speaker Tips for Using Data, Details Wisely
"You're smart--and loaded with facts, numbers, data points and the charts, graphs and diagrams to go with them. But if you haven't thought through how to use data and details sparingly, your audience will just get overwhelmed and miss your message. Try these five useful tactics for taming that tsunami of technical detail in your next presentation:" --  Denise Graveline, The Eloquent Woman, 4/26/11

Web Surveillance and the Campus (Blown to Bits II)
"Every Campus Life dean, academic counselor, undergraduate dean, and disciplinary officer should read Blown to Bits: You Life, Liberty, and Happiness after the Digital Explosion.  Then, they should summarize the statements in the opening chapters and present them to students at orientation sessions, in email blasts, and in informal occasions, for instance, when they address student groups." -- Mark Bauerlein, Brainstorm, 4/25/11 

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