Thursday, May 26, 2011

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WiFi Attendance
"With British students expected to become increasingly consumerist after the hike in tuition fees, universities may start to view campus Wi-Fi as a strong selling point. But plans at De Montfort University may give students pause for thought about the virtues of an ever-present Internet connection: the institution is considering using its network to monitor attendance via electronic chips in students' ID cards." -- John Morgan, Times Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed News, 5/26/11

Students Say Tablets Will Transform College, Though Most Don't Own Tablets
"More than two-thirds of a large group of college students say that tablet computers will change the way students learn, according to survey results released today. The Pearson Foundation sponsored the survey of 1,214 college students, as well as 200 high-school seniors who are heading to college, and found overwhelming interest in the devices." -- Josh Fischman, Wired Campus, 5/25/11

Thanks, YouTube Community, For Two Big Gifts on Our Sixth Birthday
"In May 2005, the YouTube founders launched, providing people with a platform to broadcast themselves to the world. Six years on, the world is watching and we wanted to say thank you to the YouTube community for a couple of amazing birthday presents." -- YouTube Team, YouTube Blog, 5/22/11

Academic Crimes and Punishments
"Everyone hates cheaters, right? I certainly do … well, actually, the truth is that what I really hate is catching them. I wish the University of Washington were on an honor system, not so much because I believe in honor but because I don’t like catching crooks. Let me be clear: The awkward thing isn’t catching them, but rather figuring out what to do with them." -- David Barash, Brainstorm (The Chronicle), 5/18/11

Online Ed Trends at Community Colleges
"Community colleges reported a 9 percent increase in their distance education enrollments from fall 2009 to fall 2010, according to a national survey of two-year institutions released Tuesday by the Instructional Technology Council, an affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges. This increase is higher than the 7 percent increase in overall student enrollment in all of higher education and the 8 percent increase at community colleges during the same time period." -- David Moltz, Inside Higher Ed News, 5/18/11

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