Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Blogger in Draft

I routinely use Blogger in Draft when developing Weekly Reader posts for Library Cloud; it allows for article quotes to be easily inserted in compose, line breaks are simpler between titles and blurbs, and the preview option lets me see how it will look within the template (as opposed to a general preview). I use the traditional Blogger interface with library and IRC blogs because the insert image option is a bit clunky, you cannot drag the image for resizing in draft mode (its draft for a reason). The Blogger in Draft Blog post provided information regarding a platform redesign available, Bloggers Updated Interface Now Available for All Draft Users.  I read the article with interest and promptly forgot about the announcement ... until I logged in.

The layout is clean and intuitive, has expanded post editor options, and the post work space has been significantly increased. I was quickly able to locate most everything I needed, but for some reason am unable to find the post link option allowing me to link a post title. Insert images remains awkward in my opinion; in addition to not being able to manually adjust the image size once the image is inserted it's difficult to change page alignment. For instance, the image of a recent Library Cloud weekly reader post inserted above is centered. I should be able to align subsequent paragraph text using the alignment tool.  No such luck, regardless of how many times I changed alignment the post editor continued to automatically generate centered text. I resorted to the post editor html option, removed center command div, and continued. Overall, I like the new design and may soon choose Blogger Draft as my default dashboard.

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