Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime in the IRC

This post is a loose adaptation of borrowed idea; one of the blogs on my feed reader has begun sharing a picture or image “of the week.” While unsure if this will be a weekly occurrence, I’m pleased to present today's photo, my updated literature rack with freshly developed LibGuide QR codes - in color!

The first literature rack slot introduces QR codes and suggests three popular (and free) smart phone barcode apps RedLaser, Kaywa, and ScanLife. Subsequent signs invite users to "Take us with you!" and present simple instructions for QR code use. LibGuide titles are detailed and QR code color matches or compliments the header. Color adds visual appeal to the rack, located on the wall next to the second floor printer station.

Literature rack text deliberately echoes QR code slides developed for the library’s digital sign on the main floor. Color and presentation are great, but the purpose remains providing quick and easy access to online information for our users.

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