Friday, September 23, 2011

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Transmedia Storytelling (A Fun Way to Blog)
"Ever have one of those days where you’d spend more time thinking about something to write about than actually writing the post itself? That’d be this morning for me! Instead of your traditional blog post, I thought I’d put together a ‘How-To’ video of sorts. I’ve always been fascinated with transmedia storytelling (technique of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies) and thought I’d use my “slow morning” to provide a very simple example of it. If this is new to you, I think you’ll really appreciate this creative approach to content creation and the various ways you can get really creative with it." -- Chris Vaughn, Social Media Today, 9/21/11

Know Thine Audience
"They are students, they are faculty members. They are hobbyists and autodidacts.
They still prefer to read texts in print, but they are intrigued by the possibilities of digital, especially when it comes to scanning huge swaths of text for key words and phrases. They travel in herds and pledge allegiance to tribes; their social instincts are stronger than their market instincts. Their actions speak louder than their survey responses." -- Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed News, 9/21/11

"But what has it done for me? Firstly, due to the excellent feedback I have received it has proved my original point that infographics are a wonderful way of communicating. The majority of us are visual creatures, turned on more by the eye, than the depth of detail. To that end, my CV has attracted some lovely comments and in less than a month, 954 downloads. Would my standard CV have received the same level of interest? No chance. So I am embarking on a new journey, to turn our ‘detaily’ product collateral into slick, one page infographics that convey the essence of our key message in a few seconds, rather than a few minutes. As soon as they are complete I will share them with you, together with our current collateral and you can give me your feedback and tell me what you would prefer to receive as a consumer." -- Gareth Case, Social Media Today, 9/20/11

Back in Blackout
"Considering that only 10 to 15 percent of students fully cooperated with the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology’s ban on social media sites last year, the extent to which it succeeded in provoking genuine thought about how (and how much) such sites should be used is debatable. All the more reason to try again -- the operative word being 'try.' 'We did it in the first place last year to raise awareness, particularly in the classroom, about the uses of social media and how it impacts the business of learning,' said Eric Darr, the university’s provost and creator of its now-famous social media blackout. And even though the vast majority of students bypassed the university’s network and logged in to sites such as Facebook via their smartphones or at home (Harrisburg is non-residential), about a quarter reported better concentration, more interest and more productivity in the classroom during the blackout." -- Allie Grasgreen, Inside Higer Ed News, 9/21/11

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