Friday, April 06, 2012

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21st Century Skills a Must-Do in 21st Century Eduction
"Coming from twenty years in business as a general manager and my experience in higher education teaching as an adjunct and tenure track professor at a community college and PA state university respectively, I know all too well the value of having 21st century skills in one’s learning, performance and achievement." -- Melanie Wiscount, Teach Tech, 4/4/12

30 Days of Innovation #5: Changing Your Point of Reference
"I work in an academic library.  We find that the most effective way to encourage students to use the library is to go into their classroom and have bibliographic instruction.  As we demonstrate how to access our library virtually from the classroom, we try to expand our students’ perception of the libraries.  A library is not a physical brick and mortar building but a resource  available all day long from anywhere." -- Mairead Duffy, YALSA Blog, 4/5/12

How a Wider Perspective Makes you a Better Leader
"As leaders become more prominent in their organizations, they tend to have much to do and a few key people to do it with. To zero in on their vision, they might create their dream team and continue to explore new ways of changing the world they are a part of. Whether formal or informal leadership is at play, success in getting others to follow creates a new set of challenges for all involved." -- Monica Diaz, Smart Blog on Leadership, 4/5/12

Do Librarians Work Hard Enough?
"The bizarrely ill-informed opinion piece by David Levy, “Do College Teachers Work Hard Enough?” in the Washington Post caused a lot of predictable outrage among college teachers because it accused faculty of being slackers, assuming (as many outside the academy do) that the only obstacle to professors teaching classes twenty hours a week, 11 months of the year, is arrogant laziness." -- Barbara Fister, Library Babel Fish, 4/2/12

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