Friday, May 04, 2012

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How to Use Flickrs New Pinterest Integration with Attribution
"Flickr, Popular photo sharing service owned by Yahoo, announced they have added Pinterest integration to their photos, which will allow users to "Pin" content with attribution. With Flickr being one of the largest content sources of Pinterest, this decision comes as no surprise." -- Tammy Kahn Fennell, Social Media Today, 5/2/12

A Graphic Syllabus Can Bring Clarity to Course Structure
"Not being a visual learner, I always struggled with ways of graphically representing course content. I was never very successful until I discovered that students could do what I couldn’t. During those summary times at the end of a class session, I often asked them to show graphically their sense of how the ideas related. I was surprised how clearly those visual representations showed whether or not they understood. Even more surprising, they sometimes depicted relationships I hadn’t thought of or positioned ideas so that they highlighted different aspects of a relationship." -- Maryellen Weimer, Teaching Professor Blog, 5/2/12

Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference
"The Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference will be held October 3-5, 2012. It will be an entirely online conference spanning multiple time zones and languages. Global participation for both presenters and attendees is encouraged.  Consider submitting a presentation. This global conference presents a unique opportunity to showcase the excellent research and work that you do every day. Everyone is welcome to submit a talk proposal, and scheduling slots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Call for proposals:" -- Dolores Fidishum, Dolores' List of CFPs,5/1/12

Can we Flip the Library Classroom?
"Recently there have been lots of articles in my feedreader about “flipping” the classroom. This pedagogical strategy aims to reverse the order of operations in traditional lecture-based classes. Instead of the professor lecturing during class and the students completing homework in between sessions, proponents of flipped classrooms move problem-solving into the classroom, and often assign video captures of lectures as homework. Students may be given the chance to work in groups as they complete their assignments, and the instructor can circulate throughout the class in “guide on the side” style, providing individual attention to each student and working through questions and uncertainties during class time." -- Maura Smale, ACRLog, 4/30/12

Word of Mouth Pedagogy: Our Oral Tradition of Sharing Ideas with Colleagues
"If you ask a faculty member to think of a new technique, strategy, assignment, activity or policy they’re using in their classroom and you ask where they got the idea, “from a colleague” is the most common answer. Interesting, isn’t it, that so much of our pedagogical knowledge is transferred orally. The beauty of it is that ideas are easily and freely exchanged via this mode. Somebody gives you a good idea for dealing with an instructional issue and you don’t have to worry whether it’s copyright protected. You don’t need to know where the idea came from or who originated it. Best of all you can borrow it and make changes without anybody’s permission" --Maryellen Weimer, Teaching Professor Blog, 4/27/12

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