Monday, July 23, 2012

Are you setting board covers on Pinterest?

When first working with Pinterest, I liked the idea of the most recent pin being the default board cover.  It was rather 'blog-esque;' but I admit being guilty of re-pinning to items to move them into a more prominent area. A few months later, Pinterest added the option of choosing your board cover (it can be easily changes). I was able to pick a favorite image to draw interest to any given board.  I've featured three boards for expanded interest, to encourage input from students; What we're reading will include additions by IRC student workers; Mock Caldecott Panels will be introduced this fall with invitations to participate in the conversation planned as part of the session; and Cumulative Tales will be used during a scavenger hunt and is already linked to a LibGuide.

I want the boards to be immediately recognizable, so I've been experimenting with creating and setting permanent "covers" for three boards. Using a combination of personal photographs of the IRC and library second floor, clip art students (signed releases are required for actual students), and word art, I developed a simple conversational board cover using PowerPoint and saved the slide as an image.  I'm satisfied with the results - and the combination of set covers verses newest image displayed covers. Time will tell if the students feel the same.  Is anyone else manipulating their board covers on Pinterest?

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