Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Reader

A People's History of MOOCs
"Massive, open to all, a democratic space that offers people from all walks of life exposure to the greatest thinkers of our time, and while we’re at it, a fabulous branding opportunity - welcome to the nineteenth century municipal public library." -- Barbara Fister, Library Babel Fish, 11/29/12

Hukkster: The New Pinterest?
"Over the last year or so, the hottest topic has been Pinterest – the pinning, the secret boards, brand elements, driving ecommerce -- it’s on everyone’s mind. Instagram has made a bit of a splash lately, but not of the same caliber, and many have been wondering, when’s the next hottest platform going to come?" -- Christina Giordano, Social Media Today, 11/30/12

The Uneven Value of Academic Credit
"The tight hold American colleges and universities have on academic credit—what it is worth and who awards it—is about to undergo a well overdue stress test. Two announcements in as many months have the potential to perhaps finally better define the value of credits in higher education. The first is the announcement by the American Council on Education that it will review a handful of free online courses offered by elite universities through Coursera and may recommend that other colleges accept credit for them." -- Jeff Selingo, Next, 11/25/12

End of Course Evaluations: Making Sense of Student Comments
"At most colleges, courses are starting to wind down and that means it’s course evaluation time. It’s an activity not always eagerly anticipated by faculty, largely because of those ambiguous comments students write. Just what are they trying to say?" -- Maryellen Weimer, Teaching Professor Blog, 11/28/12

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