Friday, May 17, 2013

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Tips for Personal Branding in the Digital Era 
"It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect job and have no plans of leaving — consistent networking and personal branding efforts ensure you’ll stay on the top of your network’s members’ minds and be viewed as an authority in your field. suggests focusing on building a brand instead of a career. That starts with your interaction with others — even in the space of digital. Crafting a beneficial digital brand involves everything from visual development, to content strategy, to digital public relations. Think of yourself as a brand, and start reaping the rewards of your networking efforts." -- Mike Frey, Social Media Today, 5/17/13

Tips from Mentor Scouts Mentor of the Year
"Mentoring can be a difficult relationship to navigate for both mentors and mentees, but there are several steps that participants can take to ensure that they get the most out of the relationship. Finalists for Mentor Scout’s Mentor of the Year award recently talked with Nobscot CEO Beth Carvin about some things to keep in mind when working on establishing a good mentoring relationship."-- Julia Russell, Smart Blog on Leadership, 5/16/13

Five Great Tools for Creating Your Own Educational Infographics
"These fun, mostly free tools can help educators easily create their own Infographics, and bring a very modern twist to instruction. 'A picture is worth thousand words.' That is what infographics do. They convey a wealth of information in a largely graphical format. They can help communicate visually even the most complex concepts in a simple and lucid way. They can be a great educational resource. Have you ever considered creating one for a course you teach?" -- Kathryn Smith, Emerging EdTech, 5/15/13

It's the Small Things That Make a Leader Great
"How unfortunate that our popular ideas of what a good leader should be are so often grandiose. Through current media, television and movies, we expect perfection; a leader is strong, fearless and flawless. If we believe that myth, they should be superheroes, royalty and saviors all rolled into one." -- Mary Jo Asmus, Smart Blog on Leadership, 5/15/13

Simple Steps to Successful Presentations
"Picture this: You’re at a conference, waiting to hear a speaker whose talk you’ve been looking forward to for months. As you sit down, you realize that he appears rattled and is gripping onto the lectern for dear life. He begins to talk, ever so slowly." -- Shannon Alter, Smart Blog on Leadership, 5/10/13

The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet
"Social Media Marketers need to squeeze the most value out of every social media update. Google Plus has some of the most robust posting & sharing capabilities of any social network. From rich snippets to photo editing to individual circles, there are so many features that can make your post stand out from the pack. Here are some highlights from a cheat sheet that I built (Download and print here) to get the most out of Google Plus posts." -- Tatiana Aders, Social Media Today, 5/16/13

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