Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekly Reader

Social Media Etiquette 101: Attribution
"Today, we are in desperate need of an etiquette manual for the internet. Some believe that social media is much like the wild west of old—anything and everything goes. It creates an energy and excitement that gives birth to creativity and collaboration. Unfortunately, that also means that civil behavior and professional standards are often overlooked. In our race to be first or gain more influence, we often overlook those who helped us find that important information to begin with." -- Chris Syme, Social Media Today, 5/30/13

But What if I Can't Find it on the Internet?
"But because of cost-cutting policies and the mantra of ''digitisation at all cost'', we are in danger of decreasing rather than increasing our access to information over time. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in libraries. It is driven by an over-reliance on new technology, in turn propelled by the forces of managerialism and economic rationalism." -- Pauline Westwood, The Canberra Times, 5/27/13

10 Ways to Use IFTTT To Automate Your Social Media Branding
"IFFT is a new service that stands for If This, Then That. It’s an incredibly easy to use website that lets you set up or copy recipes for automating just about anything. I’ve written about this handy tool before, however in a nutshell it works with 60 different applications including most of the major social media channels, and necessitates filling out simple online forms." -- Ellyssa Kroski, Open Education Database, 5/24/13

5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 Years
"We’re seeing more and more recruiters use the web as a place to search for talent and conduct employment background searches. This trend is set to increase year over year and I’ve been predicting that an “online presence search” will become as common as a drug test since 2007."-- Dan Schwabel, Forbes Entrepreneurs, 2/21/11

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