Monday, June 10, 2013

ALAO 2013: Deadline Extended

ALAO 39th Annual Conference | October 25, 2013 
University Center Kent State University at Stark | North Canton, Ohio 

Deadline for proposals extended to  June 14, 2013!

Proposals should be submitted via the online submission form:
ALAO 2013 Presentation Proposal

For additional information, visit the conference web site @

Friday, June 07, 2013

Weekly Reader

On the Academic Library as A Critical Institution
"Everyone agrees: libraries are critical institutions. Librarians certainly feel that way, but so does the general population and even (mostly) politicians—especially if asked publicly. In fact, a person of normal intelligence is no more likely to disagree publicly with the statement “libraries are critical institutions” than to answer “no” when an ALA-sponsored pollster asks “Do you love books?” (Headline: 99% of Americans Still Love Books, ALA Informs Grateful Nation.)" -- Rick Anderson, Library Journal - Peer to Peer,  6/6/13

My Advice for New Instruction Librarians
"In the last three months, I’ve been interviewed about information literacy by two students. One was working on her MLIS and taking her first instruction course. The other was working on a dissertation, and I was a participant in her study on information literacy programs. These interviews started me thinking about what I’d tell new librarians interested in information literacy instruction."-- Troy A. Swanson, Tame the Web, 6/7/13

Your Essential "How to" Guide for Using Prezi in an Academic Environment
" is a zooming presentation tool which offers an alternative to PowerPoint. As it grows in popularity it is being seen more and more often across campuses; presentations created not just by academics and librarians but by students too. The quality of these presentations is variable; when used well Prezi can be a fabulous communication tool, but when used badly it can leave the audience feeling bamboozled, and potentially slightly sea-sick… There’s a lot of academic interest to it, so with that in mind here’s a brief guide." - Ned Potter, Impact of Social Sciences, 6/7/13

Once a Librarian, Always a Librarian?
"Dear ALA, Library Journal, and others: I have an MLS. I paid good money for it. I earned it. I am a librarian. Forever. The fact that I do not currently (nor may ever again) work in a library does not change that fact. Please make room for me on your surveys etc. Thank you. Bobbi, MLS Forever." -- Bobbi Newman, Librarian by Day, 6/4/13

Quick Guide to Making Your Website Social Media Friendly
"I'm often asked by clients to work with their web designers/developers to ensure their new website is going to be built and presented in a way that ensures social media tech plays a part in the user's experience. Usually I'm asked to do this after jumping up and down a lot and ramming home the importance of thinking social when it comes to websites!" -- Mike McGrail, Social Media Today, 6/4/13

Monday, June 03, 2013

ALAO 2013: Help with your proposal

"Make this the year you present at ALAO! Whether you are a first time presenter, or an ALAO presentation veteran, crafting and submitting a proposal to present is sometimes a daunting challenge." - ALAO 2013: Proposal's: Need Help?
First time and seasoned presenters are encouraged to submit their proposal for the 39th Annual ALAO Conference. If you are having trouble getting started, or would like a quick refresher on creating conference proposals, visit the conference web site. Among the resources available for presenter are abstracts from previous conferences, submission tips from ALA and ACRL, and general ALAO proposal submission FAQs.

There is still time to submit your session proposal!
Proposal Submission Form: