Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Reader

Who is Driving the Online Locomotive?
"Proponents of online learning often use train metaphors to describe its growing impact on the educational landscape. Those of us who teach at two-year colleges, especially, are constantly encouraged, prodded, hectored, cajoled—and sometimes even ordered—to get on board. Otherwise, we're told, we're likely to be run over." - Rob Jenkins, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/26/13

Web-Hosting Project Hopes to Help Students Reclaim Digital Destinies
"Jim Groom and Tim Owens believe that college students are not being adequately prepared to be good “digital citizens” of the 21st century. Partly to blame, they say, is the prebuilt and prepackaged software that many use to create digital identities or to curate their interests online." -- Sara Grossman, Wired Campus, 7/25/13

How to Answer "so you need a degree to do that?"
"This oft encountered, teeth grinding question is something of a rite of passage for every one who joins the librarian field and was part of Tumblr post that came across my feed. I’ll even admit it makes my eye twitch as I summon up the willpower to provide a rationale and polite answer to this query." -- Andy Woodworth, Agnostic, Maybe,  7/24/13

Welcome to the Palace of Ambiguity
"Funny how sometimes you read an article and it feels like a smack on the forehead. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that before? Usually that means you had thought of it before, in vague, inchoate terms, but somebody else has put it into words. Bam." -- Barbara Fister, Library Babel Fish, 7/18/13

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