Wednesday, September 04, 2013

More with IFTTT & Blogs

After successfully using IFTTT to tweet new IRC News & Information blog posts, I decided to create a new recipe to do the same with the general Library News Blog and IRC Twitter account. I quickly learned that once a blog channel has been selected, in my case Blogger, a second trigger can not be developed for a different Blogger blog. It presumes a second trigger with Blogger should be created with the blog channel already selected. However, a second blog can easily be set up using RSS feeds.

I first tried to copy Twitter post text used with the blog and found IFTTT uses a slightly different vocabulary with RSS (entry vs post). I used the same basic format of introductory narrative, title, content, URL, and hashtag for Library blog posts.

After viewing the results, I have had to revise the layout removing content from the recipe in order for the URL to publish. The next library blog post is not yet authored (or scheduled), so results of the latest 'tweaking' will have to wait.

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