Saturday, November 02, 2013

Weekly Reader

Journey to Online Teaching: Developing a Virtual Teacher Sense
"This week my focus has been developing a virtual presence in the online course environment. In my face to face classroom on a Monday morning I can look across the tired faces and know I had better ramp up my excitement if I expect my students to get excited about what we are learning. In my face to face classroom at a glance I can see that 'Jonny' is lost but does not want anyone else to know. How do I take 17 years of ”Teacher Sense” and evolve into a Virtual 'Teacher Sense'?" -- Tom McLaughlin, Discovery Education, 11/2/13

States Demand That Colleges Show How Well Their Students Learn
"Some of the hallmarks of No Child Left Behind are creeping into higher education. The 2002 law was intended to hold elementary and secondary schools accountable for improving the academic achievement of all students. It has come to be reviled by many teachers for what they see as a narrowing of the curriculum to the material covered on standardized tests, and for punishing schools for their students' performance." -- Dan Berrett, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/29/13

Ready to Learn? The Key is Listening with Intention
"Listening and observing can be passive activities—in one ear and out the other, as our mothers used to say. Or they can be rich, active, intense experiences that lead to serious learning. The difference lies in our intention: the purpose and awareness with which we approach the occasion. Here’s how to make sure your intentions are good." - Annie Murphy Paul, Mind Shift, 10/29/13

How Google + Hangouts Can Enhance Podcasts
"Google+ Hangouts enable anyone to host a group video chat, and with the On Air component, anyone can record and stream live to their YouTube account. When I first joined Google+ on its second day of existence, Hangouts really stood out. While, let’s be honest, a lot of the functionality of Google’s own social network is similar to Facebook and Twitter, no other social network offers such a robust group video chat tool…for absolutely free." -- Mike Stenger, The Blog Herald, 10/29/13

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