Friday, February 28, 2014

(Another) Weekly Reader

Editorial: As Pretty Does
"Back in 1998, the Horn Book Magazine published a special issue devoted to picture books. With articles about picture book history, reviewing and writing picture books, and a baker’s dozen of first-person “Studio Views,” it became a children’s lit classroom staple and is easily the most requested special issue we’ve produced." -- Roger Sutton, The Horn Book, 2/28/14

Three Articles About Making Picture Books
"The additional reading for our first class comes from Horn Book Magazine‘s classic 1998 special issue on picture books. After you’ve read them, please come back to this post to comment. And as always, I hope this discussion will include more than just my students!" -- Lolly Robinson, Lolly's Classroom | The Horn Book Blogs, 2/22/14

8 Ways to Become a Better Boss
"Some get to be boss by luck and others earn their way into the driver's seat. Unfortunately, many people become a boss without getting proper training to manage. There is no sinister conspiracy at work--sometimes entrepreneurs focused on taking a product to market or heirs to family businesses find themselves in charge without knowing how to effectively manage people. Even great performers who rise to leadership positions may not have been trained to manage others." -- Kevin Daum, Inc., 11/15/13

Doing the Math: Managing Academic Libraries with Data in Mind
"This past December, LJ teamed up with Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) to dive deep into the use of data-driven decision-making in academic libraries in a series of three free webcasts. The series, moderated by Bonnie Tijerina, head of e-resources and serials at Harvard Library and ER&L conference coordinator—and made possible thanks to sponsorship by ProQuest, Springer, and Innovative Interfaces—­explored a range of strategies academic libraries are deploying as they use data to serve their customers more ­effectively." -- Ian Chant & Matt Enis, Managing Libraries | Library Journal, 2/5/14

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