Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Summer Floor Moves

One of the more challenging aspects of a finite library space, in my case the second floor and IRC, is collection presentation and placement.  Generally speaking, for several years a few shelves in sections have made the process somewhat simpler; shifting things when there is room is time consuming, but manageable. More often than not, floor moves and collection reorganization are made to the juvenile collection (high circulation and use) and IRC materials and equipment (technology and Ellison).

For example, during the late fall 2012 and early spring 2013 academic year a library video weeding project, evaluation of second floor collections, and reorganization of library department office space resulted in two significantly sized second floor collections being relocated to the library ground floor. Space - glorious space was now available and it was necessary to proceed with caution and purpose.

I drafted a rough floor layout and charted remaining collection space, existing open sections, and potential moves. Detailed within the chart and layout was need for existing collections and the total number of sections, shelves, and stacks. Collections were weeded (the chart updated), placement and need evaluated, and additional criteria such as student use and access were considered.  The result? With the exception of LC Ls, every collection housed on the second floor and inside the IRC was moved. Some had their overall footprint expanded,  several new collection areas were created (over-sized juvenile books), and a listening room was converted to a study room. After eliminating a section of shelving to facilitate traffic flow and access, I had a full row of empty shelving consisting of eleven sections with the potential of six shelves each.

Flush with success, I decided to let 'the dust settle' and the shelving remained empty during summer and fall 2013. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moves when the end result is a more attractive and usable area. Collection movement created energy and interest in the affected areas. Generally speaking, collections removed from the second floor were not missed. However, changes to the juvenile collection, even with the end result providing more space, caused some user angst.  Signage was updated, the IRC Pinterest site provided pictures of the move, and a much needed overhaul for the IRC Handbook began.

The never-ending winter, also known as the spring 2014 term,  provided opportunity to make a number of quick collection and space adjustments necessary to facilitate my planned summer juvenile collection project (in conjunction with migration to LibGuides v2, but that's another blog post or two).  In order to increase space for activity books, the IRC curriculum textbook collection was weeded, updated, and shifted to the open shelving near the LC Ls. Big books, book kits, and award books were moved to the open curriculum space. After purchasing two new media racks, the big book area was expanded. Big book stands were moved from inside the IRC with materials kits to shelving adjacent to the big book collection. I was exciting to add new big books and book kits too the IRC and juvenile collections.

Now the aforementioned sections of empty shelving are positioned at the end of the juvenile collection ... exactly where I need them to be.

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