Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Reader

Technology, Learning, and Institutional Mission Statements
"Right now I’m preparing for a talk I’m giving next month, in which I’ll be speaking on using technology to connect students, faculty and institutions to the fundamentally human activities of learning and growth. Of those three groups – students, faculty, and institutions – I’m finding it to be a lot easier to talk about students and faculty and their relationship to technology than it is to talk about institutions. I’m wondering: Why is that?" -- Robert Talbert, Casting Out the Nines | The Chronicle, 5/19/14

Pinterest's New "Question" Feature Might Be the Key to Visual Search
"Pinterest is testing an unnamed Q&A feature, the visual search company confirmed to ReadWrite.The feature came to light after developer Tom Waddington blogged about noticing a blank “Questions” tab on his Pinterest account for Cut Out & Keep, a craft community he helped found in 2007. A quick scroll through the code indicated the feature was almost ready to be rolled out. When I reached out to Pinterest, a spokesperson confirmed that it wasn't a coincidence." -- Lauren Orsini, ReadWrite, 5/15/14

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