Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Early Weekly Reader

Caldecott 2014: The Year in Pictures
"Welcome to Las Vegas! City of lights, city of sin; of excess, exploitation, and glitter. It may be an unlikely spot for a library conference, but its unofficial slogan makes it an apt one: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I’m referring here not to mayhem and debauchery (although…feel free) but to the famed secrecy surrounding the deliberations of ALA’s Medal committees, which always seems to provoke a storm of speculation, second-guessing, and Monday-morning quarterbacking." -- Martha V. Parravano, The Horn Book, 7/7/14

How to Make the Most of Your Library Career
"Many thoughts percolated in my brain the day I started a new library position. I con­sidered the new technologies, theories, and trends that I had encountered in grad­uate school, in journal articles, at workshops, and at conferences. I wondered how I could implement some of those ideas in my new position. I wanted to make my mark and show everyone what I was capable of accomplishing. I wondered, “How can I make everyone notice me as a leader and an agent of change and acknowledge what I can do? What changes can I put in place to make that happen?” -- Katherine Farmer, American Libraries Magazine, 7/7/14

The Shape of Higher Ed Yet to Come
"What might higher education look like a decade from now? Will it be pretty much as it is today? Or will cost pressures, debt burdens, shifting student demographics, and demands for accountability, affordability, and access produce fundamental transformations in how higher education is structured and delivered?I am a historian, and my hindsight is far sharper than my foresight. But as a thought experiment, let me speculate." -- Steven Mintz, Higher Ed Beta, 7/7/14

The Mystery of the Missing Mooc
"A massive open online course instructor was removed from his own course last week -- or was he? As confusion brews among students in the half-finished, suspended MOOC, some observers are asking if the instructor orchestrated a social experiment without permission -- or a farce." -- Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed Technology, 7/8/14

In a MOOC Mystery, A Course Suddenly Vanishes
"A massive open online course on making sense of massive open online courses caused massive confusion when the course content was suddenly deleted and the professor started writing cryptic things on Twitter." -- Steve Kolowich, Wired Campus, 7/8/14

Top Tips from Experts on What Makes a Great Infographic
"Over the last few months we have received a huge amount of questions as to what makes a great infographic and how you can stand out from the crowd. We did some research and found a great article by Eloqua that collected some expert opinions on the topic that we just loved, we also sprinkled in advice we found elsewhere that should serve you well." -- Easel.ly Blog, 7/7/14

Playing with the Possibilities
"Summer is a time many academics pause to consider professional possibilities. Should I go on the job market again this year? Do I really want to be a professor? What else is out there? How could I supplement my income this year? As a former tenured professor who left the academy to start a business, the summer is when my phone rings off the hook with people wanting to know: How did you go from Ph.D. to CEO?" -- Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Inside Higher Ed, 7/7/14

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