Thursday, July 10, 2014

More about #IRCshelfies

Marketing the IRC is an ongoing project; planning a semester long marketing and collection awareness strategy in late summer allows me to do a 'beta test' of sorts prior to the start of the fall term.  That said, this is the second week of my #IRCshelfie project.

All of the supporting pieces are in place. I took 'shelfies' of twenty four different collection areas in the IRC, library second floor; enough for weekly tweets from July 8th to December 16th - end of the fall term. Using the online photo editor PicMonkey, I applied a Polaroid style frame to each image (oh, the irony), detailed the collection type, and added the #IRCshelfie label. After finishing the images, I used TweetDeck to schedule weekly Tuesday tweets.

Why Tuesday? We have a number of Monday holidays during the term; Tuesday generally means students will be on campus and/or in class. I also scheduled them during the afternoon.  If classes are using Twitter for back-channel conversations, there is an increased chance for viewing.

Why not Instagram?  I considered the popular platform to use instead of a photo editor. At this point, featuring Twitter and Pinterest in conjunction with the IRC news and information blog works. Developing relevant content for Instagram beyond the shelfies is something to consider at a later date.

The IRC Pinterest site now includes an #IRCshelfie board. Each Wednesday after the tweet, #IRCshelfie images are uploaded to Pinterest. Mock Caldecott panels and IRC scavenger hunts are traditionally scheduled at the start of each term; both activities feature the IRC Pinterest site during the activity and on corresponding LibGuides. This will help me to promote collections as well.

Follow IRC's board #IRCshelfie on Pinterest.

The final step is crafting a blog post marketing the endeavor. It is simple enough to describe the process, but I hope to create a video to make it more engaging.  I've successfully used Animoto and Tellagami for marketing and information. Yesterday a tweet from Heather Moorefield shared an animated video created using Explee.

And, there are always the button makers I have on order to consider.

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