Friday, August 15, 2014

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5 Things You Can do to Prepare for The New Semester
"A couple of weeks ago, Natalie wrote a post about wrapping up the summer. I know, I know. Say it isn’t so! Well, today I’d like move from summer to fall by point you to a handful of posts I wrote in the early ProfHacker days about getting ready for a new term. Not everyone is going to find all of this advice helpful, obviously, but we hope that there are at least a few things in these posts that can be of use to you." -- George Williams, ProfHacker, 8/13/14

Know the Vital Players in Your Career: You
"In more than 20 years of working in academe, I have seen innumerable people sabotage their own careers through terrible mistakes. A bad outcome is sometimes due to chance or forces beyond your control, but the single most important factor determining whether you achieve your career goals, including tenure and promotion, is you." -- David D. Perlmutter, Chronicle | Advice, 8/11/14

Google Rolls Out Free LMS Apps for Education
"Google's free learning management system, Google Classroom, is now in full release and is being made available today to all Apps for Education customers.The service had been in limited preview since May. During that time, according to Google Apps for Education Product Manager Zach Yeskel, more than 100,000 educators applied to be a part of the preview, and "tens of thousands" of those educations — from K-12 schools, colleges and universities — actually participated." -- David Nagel, Campus Technology, 8/12/14

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