Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why didn't I think of that?

I've mentioned before my interest in following Hot Stuff to view their "word of the day," peruse what they recommend as other interesting blogs to read, and see how Library Cloud rates; yes, that explains the meter in our sidebar. Today one of the blogs I read for the first time was The Strange Librarian, authored by Julie Strange. Her post, Solution for libraries: digital photo frames, details a variety of uses for simple, and often relatively inexpensive digital photo frames, in the library.

Why didn't I think of that? Especially considering I received one for Christmas (it is currently awaiting photo uploads) and look at it every day in my living room. This idea would work well at the circulation desk for hours, OhioLINK updates, marketing our blog, LibGuides, and web site, and general library information. It could be expanded to our library classroom in the basement posting classes, workshops, and seminars scheduled for the facility. I could use it in the Instructional Resource Center mirroring the circulation desk updates as well as announcements specific to the IRC.

With a bit of planning, this could be a time saver as well as visually appealing. While not horrifically expensive the frames would require budget funds, I do have a fiscal concern. Given the fact that within the last two months four computer mice have left the second floor under mysterious circumstances, is there a need to explore making them secure? Generally speaking, there is usually someone at the circulation desk. But if we submitted work orders to have them mounted outside the IRC or Library Instruction Classroom in the basement, would they follow the mice? Or, would tattle tape be a viable solution (it works for staplers and tape dispensers)?

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