Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Pictures

As a classroom teacher, empty bulletin boards and learning centers generally signified the end of a successful year - or a fresh start to a new year filled with anticipation. The same can be said about bulletin boards in the IRC; while updated periodically throughout a term with new books and resources, completely empty boards are a rarity.

It is a 'no brainer' to remove faded and dated materials from the bulletin boards in the IRC.  Crafting new information can be an intriguing conundrum, should they be refreshed with updated images and paper or should they have new topics? Boards in the IRC are instructional and informational in nature, they provide directions for laminating and Ellison machines, covers for new books, reviews for books added to the collection, and general price lists for services.  Naturally location matters, laminating and Ellison directions are placed above the machines and the price list adjacent to the register.

After mapping out a plan of attack for the empty boards (tables and graphs were detailed!) and waiting for an order placed for fade-resistant paper, seven new bulletin boards are in place for incoming and returning students using the IRC. Two of three pictured here feature directions for using the desk top and roll top laminators; the third provides extended information on QR Codes (use and available apps for phones). One week before the students return, I'm wondering if there is space for another board or two.

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