Monday, August 22, 2011

Library Cloud: 5 Years

Today is our five year anniversary! On August 22, 2006 the first official post was a short "Coming Soon" introduction presenting the Library Cloud blogging team. A number of posts later, 466 to be exact, we are still talking about libraries, technology, education, conferences, LibGuides, and those tidbits of information we find interesting.

Blogger Stats (2009-2011): Most Popular Posts
  1. QR Codes in Color
  2. Another QR Code Post
  3. Screen Capture: Screencast-O-Matic
Feedburner Stats (2006-2011): Top Items
  1. Et tu, Delicious?
  2. 2011 ALAO Conference
  3. Weekly Reader Wrap Up
Popular Blog Labels (2006-2011)

Labels were not available at first, but soon after we began The New Version of Blogger was introduced along with a Labels Management Tool for Blogger in Beta (what is now Blogger in Draft, I think) that featured an easy way to go back through previous posts and add labels.  Not all of the old posts have labels, but here's our top ten frequently used labels (sans 'at lunch').
  1. ALAO (60)
  2. Academic Library (49)
  3. Conferences (36)
  4. ALAO Conferences (34)
  5. Workshops (30)
  6. Weekly Reader (27)
  7. Technology (26)
  8. CMCIG (25)
  9. ALA Annual (23)
  10. CIL2010 (21)  
Thanks for being part of our blog; we are looking forward to another year!

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