Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Animoto iphone app

I was excited to see the new iphone app introduced by Animoto in mid-December; their blog post Introducing the new Animoto iphone App includes the following 30 second video:

Being able to create Animoto videos directly from photos on my phone is intriguing, convenient, and time saving.  For example, while developing the QR code tab to present at ALAO I took several shots with my phone depicting how I'm using them in the IRC. I determined a Photobucket slide show would run easily in the background while presenting ...

and I'm still pleased with the final result. However, my first thought was an Animoto slide show. I was hampered somewhat by getting the images from my phone (at work) to the Animoto web site and optioned to use my Photobucket account. After downloading the Animoto app I was able to upload images, create a video, and post it to Twitter in fifteen minutes or less.

In some ways, the app is easier than the web site as there is no extraneous information distracting the user.  My finished video is 360 p, slightly better quality than non-HD web videos and seemed to allow for a higher number of images for a thirty second free project. After login, I was able to see mobile and web project on both the app and my web account. There are a few drawbacks with the app, with a streamlined process there were fewer style and music options presented and the embed code was not easily accessible. In my opinion, the immediacy and ease of the app far out-weigh any of the drawbacks. Here's the finished product:

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