Friday, January 06, 2012

Two-Weekly Reader

Unpacking Assessment
"ACRLog welcomes a guest post from Lisa Horowitz, Assessment Librarian at MIT Libraries.
As an assessment librarian, I am always looking for different ways to think about assessment. Most librarians aren’t statisticians, and for some, even the word itself, assessment, is daunting in that its meaning is unclear. Additionally, it’s such a broad topic that many of us are interested in only specific angles: learning outcomes, collection assessment, return on investment, the Value of Academic Libraries, and so on." -- Lisa Horowitz, ACRLog, 12/27/11

Five Versatile Screen-Capture Apps for Windows
"Takeaway: When you need a bit more functionality than Print Screen and Paint offer, one of these screen capture tools will come in handy. Screen captures aren’t just for tech writers anymore. If you support users, you probably need to capture screen shots occasionally. When needs are simple, you can probably get by with Print Screen and Windows Paint. If you’re using Windows 7, try Snipping Tool. But if you want serious control or more polish, you need something more powerful. Any of the following apps should fill most needs." -- Susan Harkins, Five Apps, 12/18/11

ALA Midwinter: Best Bet for Metadata Librarians and Call for Bloggers
"Planning to attend a session or already reporting on a session? Think about blogging it here! If you would like to blog any of the sessions, please contact Kristin Martin at with your name, e-mail address, and preferred session. As sessions are linked to the conference scheduler, and links are provided to fuller descriptions, when available. See a section not on here that you think would be of interest? Suggest it! NOTE: Preconferences are listed for informational purposes only and cannot be covered by the blog." -- Kristin Martin, Metadata Blog, 1/5/12

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