Friday, January 13, 2012

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Be Your Weird Self
"I’m a weirdo. It has never mattered what community I’m a part of — I live and work in the periphery, and expect that I always will. At this point in my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I think that you too should be a weirdo. You probably already are one. Stick with me here. Almost inherently, anybody working in academe is abnormal. If you are pursuing a higher degree or already hold an academic appointment, you simply aren’t a typical person (if there even is such a thing). And no matter your field, the institution you work at, or your personal values and ideological commitments, you probably aren’t even a good approximation of what most Americans consider in their own minds to be normal. That we are not typical citizens is not, in my opinion, a good or a bad thing, but simply a thing." -- Nate Kreuter, Inside Higher Ed:Tyro Tracts, 1/13/12

Common Craft News: New Video, Social Networking (Facebook)
"This video is a much-requested sequel to our video on Social Networking.  As you likely know, a lot has changed in the world of Social Networking as Facebook has emerged to be one of the standards - and this video is aimed at why.  It covers the basic ideas through the story of a woman who becomes a member and discovers how the social network and status updates help her feel more informed and engaged with her interests." -- Lee LeFever, Common Craft Blog, 1/12/12

Translating Ed Tech Issues Outside Education Circles
"I'm fascinated by the reactions to blog posts, whether those reactions occur in the blog's comments or whether they're on the various social networking sites where a link is shared. As someone who earns a living writing online and is very interested in engaging with readers, these reactions matter to me (and not just because readers are the first to catch my typos, something I really hate to have happen). But I'm often surprised by what elicits a response from people. Sometimes the posts that I feel are the most thought-provoking get no reaction. And sometimes the ones I feel are the least interesting get the most interest. And sometimes posts that I think are thought-provoking get a reaction that I didn't expect." -- Audrey Watters, Inside Higher Ed: Hack (Higher) Education, 1/12/12

Google Search Gets a Personalized Makover
"Google has announced a new personalized search the company calls “Search, plus Your World.” The update turns the classic Google search results page from an anonymous collection of webpages into something more personal, mining your Google+ network for results related to you. Rather than just scouring the web for webpages related to your search queries, Google will also now find conversations and images posted by your friends." -- Scott Gilbertson, Webmonkey, 1/10/12

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