Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Reader

Google Abandons Anonymous Accounts with New Sign Up Form
"Google is experimenting with a new signup form that eliminates the ability to create anonymous accounts. The new form is part of an effort to expand the Google+ social network by automatically adding every new Google account to Google+. Because Google+ requires a name and gender the new signup form effectively eliminates the anonymous Google account." -- Scott Gilbertson, Web Monkey, 1/20/12

Apples new Textbook Platform - Which Way Forward?
"As Apple likes to do, it made a major media splash with its press conference today, held in the Big Apple, still seen as the heart of the publishing industry. (Besides, nudging the announcement a few hours earlier than Silicon Valley time means investors can drive up the stock price before Wall Street ends trading for the day). Several of us live blogged the event, though most of us weren’t actually there." -- Barbara Fister, Library Babel Fish, 1/19/12

A Look at the New iTunesU
"iTunes U has long been one of the hidden gems of the iTunes Store, and even with some new features announced yesterday to the online learning platform, it appears that it's again set to be overshadowed. That's hardly surprising -- the news about digital textbooks and their "reinvention" was the focus of the press event." -- Audrey Watters Hack (Higher) Education, 1/20/12.
Caution Urged in City College of SF Computer Use
"As thousands of students and employees return today to City College of San Francisco - where criminal hackers, it turns out, have been scanning computer data for years - campus officials are warning everyone to change computer passwords, avoid using school computers for banking or purchases, and to check home computers for viruses." -- Nannette Asimov, SF Gate, 1/17/12

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