Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Reader

Fair-Use Guide Hopes to Solve Librarians' VHS-Cassette Problem
"The Association of Research Libraries might have a solution to what some librarians call 'the VHS-cassette problem.' Here’s the scenario: An academic library has a collection of video tapes that is slowly deteriorating, thanks to the fragile nature of analog media. A librarian would like to digitize the collection for future use, but avoids making the copies out of fear that doing so would violate copyright law. And the institution’s attorneys have advised the librarian that the fair-use principle, which might offer a way to make copies legally, is too flexible to rely on." -- Nick DeSantis, Wired Campus, 1/25/12

Google: Updating Our Privacy Policies and Terms of Service
"In just over a month we will make some changes to our privacy policies and Google Terms of Service. This stuff matters, so we wanted to explain what’s changing, why and what these changes mean for users." -- Alma Whitten, Official Google Blog, 1/24/12

Five Trends Behind the Growing Shift to Video Explanations
"It’s easy to look back at Internet history and spot the points of major change. A famous example is the Web 2.0 era which spawned products like Twitter, Facebook and other lasting features of the Web. Some would say we're in the cloud era now, with nearly everything we do on computers being moved to off-site servers.  Within these big, tectonic shifts are smaller shifts that also make a difference.  YouTube was a big shift that kicked off online video in 2005 and in the years since, we’ve seen the growth of viral videos and myriad artistic expressions in video form." -- Lee LeFeever, Common Craft News, 12/23/12

Brain Drain: States that Lose the Most College Students
"As I interviewed students at colleges in the Washington area over the past few years, I began to wonder: Why is everyone from New Jersey or New York? And why do so many students look like Snooki and the Situation? Turns out, those states are the biggest exporters of college students. In 2008, more than half of recent high school graduates in New Jersey went out of state to enroll at a four-year college." -- Jenna Johnson, Campus Overload, 1/24/12

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